Looking for a Quadcopter Shop? I found the best Portland Drones!

On a recent outing, I found a real gem: EZ Drone’s Portland walk-up location. I’m thrilled to have found this up and coming Portland drone shop. Here’s the run down:

Last Saturday, I continued on my tour of the west coast, riding down from Seattle to Portland on I-5. Pacific Northwest weather being what it is, the ride had it’s wet moments. However, I had been tipped off about a new drone shop in downtown Portland, so I tore down the road with enthusiasm. Since their surge in popularity in recent years, I’ve closely tracked the development of drones, quadcopters, and UAVs. As young children, my brother and I endlessly raced remote controlled cars around the house, much to our mother’s dismay. In my teens, I treasured my RC helicopter, but unfortunately it was hard to control and it wasn’t long before I crash landed in a tree. Now, drones offer greater stability (and more fun) and I’m allowed to play with them as an adult!

When I heard about EZ Drone Portland, I knew I had to check it out. After parking my ride downtown and grabbing a donut, they were my next stop. The shop was small, but the staff was extremely knowledgable, explaining the ins and outs of all the lines they carry. They even let me test fly a few of their smaller models in the shop.

As if these guys weren’t cool enough, they’re developing an Underwater Multicopter! So intense! I really do love technological advances. Can’t wait to fly one of these drones in Portland in the future. Check out the video proof below!


The real kicker to this whole trip was what happened that evening. I decided to stay in an Airbnb in a neighboring town. While talking to my host, I told him about my great experience at EZ Drone and he told me that he had a quadcopter in his garage! That night, I got to fly a drone in Hillsboro and it was awesome! Needless to say, I’m getting hooked. With my growing interest in aerial photography, it won’t be long until I’ll need to make a purchase!


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